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Mar 26, 2007 at 10:08 AM

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HI all,

DATA: gd_result(1000) type c.

DATA: gd_result1(1000) type c.

constants: con_tab type c value '09'.

  • con_tab can then be concatenated to create tab spaces.

CONCATENATE 'text1' con_tab 'text2' con_tab 'text3' into gd_result.

*When requiring unicode compliancy you will need to use the following syntax.

  • Double click on 'cl_abap_char_utilities' then choose attributes for list

  • of possible commands.

class cl_abap_char_utilities definition load.

constants: c_tab type c value cl_abap_char_utilities=>HORIZONTAL_TAB.

CONCATENATE 'text1' c_tab 'text2' c_tab 'text3' into gd_result1.

write : / gd_result.

Can any one tel me for wht <b>class cl_abap_char_utilities definition load.</b> is used.