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Mar 26, 2007 at 09:19 AM

Determining which PCA to use between new-GL and classic EC-PCA


I tried to use 1kek to transfer AR and AP from FI to PCA but failed with message saying "Document Splitting is Activated".

We are considering using PCA to make B/S and P/L of several business unit in a company. We are using SAP 6.0. After looking for the references, I understood that I can use new-GL or EC-PCA(classic PCA) for Profit Center Accounting. I wonder which way is the best and easiest one to achieve my company's object.

As I understood if I activate document splitting, it means I use new-GL for PCA, and I should use table FAGLFLEXA of FI instead of GLPCA of EC-PCA.

I'd like to use new-GL because it's "new" and convenient, hopefully. But I found several problems using new-GL to make financial reports.

The first problem was that I couldn't make allocation with accounts which cannot be manually input like AA accounts(Building, Machine, etc.), AR/AP or materials. When I operate transaction FAGLGA35, no effect occurs on those accounts.

And the second problem is that I couldn't find a way to make a report which has accounts list on its first column and profit center list on its first row. It's surely because I'm a newbie in SAP 😔

I think everybody trying to use new_GL encounter this problem and it's wired because I couldn't find any thread about this.

And If I decide to use EC-PCA and make allocation on GLPCA, I think I should make some CBO to transfer AR/AP to EC-PCA. Is there any other possible solution?

I have a lot of things to ask but I'm not even sure what I know and don't.

Thanks for you guru's great help.