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F110 free selection field "Document header data"

Jun 06, 2017 at 10:26 AM


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Dear All,

I get a requirement from FI department recently, they hope maintain the "Document header data (BKPF-BKTXT)" in free selection field of F110. Unluckily, BKTXT is neither

a field of BSID nor BSIK. So even though we show the field in the search help (F4), the

field value still can't be saved with error 'BKTXT is not a field of BSID/BSIK'.

So what we should do to make the field "Document header data" effective and saved correctly? Can we append structure for BSID and BSIK which will make some inconsistencies(eg. TABL BSIK_BCK is inconsistent in active version).

if you can solve this problem ,kindly show us please.

Great thanks .

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2 Answers

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Eli Klovski
Jun 06, 2017 at 12:26 PM


Certainly, looks tricky... But, what happens if you skip F0239 error in F110VI00?

Did you try that?



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Hi, Eli.

I'm not clear about how to skip F0239 error in F110VI00.


Well, only by modification or during debugging, just to check whether despite of this message the program would pre-select the documents correctly and there will be no side effects. In this case, you would be able to skip this message, which could have been defined by SAP just as precaution, and solve your issue. If, however, during further processing there will be another issue, then I'd say that the solution of your request would be much more complicated.


We appended a structure including a field 'BKTXT' for both BSAK and BSIK to keep the 2 tables consistent, so it can be saved without 'BKTXT is not a field of BSID/BSIK'. But inconsitent error after appending structure still exists as follows, and we are not clear whether the inconstencies have any side effects:

TABL BSIK_BCK is inconsistent in active version<br>  Check table BSIK_BCK (60050459/17.06.07/16:34)<br>  Table BSIK_BCK does not exist
Check on table BSIK_BCK resulted in errors


Sorry, cannot advise you on that... I would have tried first simply to skip the message, before messing up with core FI tables.


Dear Eli,

would you tell me how to skip the message ? enhancements? eg. implicit enhancement?


First, in debugging, to see if it will solve the problem. Then, if it works, with a modification.

Hi Eli.

by Creating an implicit enhancement at the end of 'check' form , it was solved.

Great thanks.

Bastiaan Jansen Jun 07, 2017 at 07:58 AM

How/when is BKTXT filled? Maybe it's an option to populate a field on item level at this point?

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Appending structures to 'BSIK' and 'BSAk' , but not so satisfactory....


Hi Su Hong, what kind of information is now populating BKTXT ? Maybe it's something that could belong in the ZUONR field (or another field)


'BKTXT is not a field of BSID/BSIK'. Please check Mr Eli Klovski Answered .