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problem of duplicate POS DW transaction numbers


We have a problem with duplicates of POS transactions in POS DW module. Our landscape consist of three elements:

1) external system (cashes of our stores, who is sending the cheques)


3) SAP BW (POS DW component)

The cheque workflow is: "cash of store" -> "SAP XI" -> "POSDW". Sometimes, external system send the same cheque twice or thrice. And it is impossible to fix it.

The POS DW transaction number consist of three positions: "NNN.NN.NN", i.e. "cash.shift.cheque" numbers. And belong to certain posting date and certain store.

For example: cheque 101.99.20 by date 05.06.2017 and store Z1006. It CAN NOT be duplicated within the same "posting_date - store". But for DIFFERENT stores for the same posting date it may well.

The goal is to make control of POS DW transactions, so that eliminates the possibility of duplicates. Ideally, mark these duplicates in red ( /POSDW/MON0 ). Here is a screenshot of duplicates:

In POS DW I found the task "1001 - Check for Duplicate Transaction Numbers" which allegedly controls the duplicates. SAP article:

But I did not found, how it is to control that. By period? By store? Or completely through all of them?

We don't have the development system for SAP BW, therefore we can't do any tests. Maybe, someone faced with similar task. We will appreciate, if you comment this task "1001", or will offer your own method of control dublicates.

Best regards,

Sergey Hrapovitsky

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1 Answer

  • Jun 23, 2017 at 02:16 AM
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