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Mar 26, 2007 at 07:30 AM

Error Message : Condition type is not maintained in the schema RM0002


HI Gurus,

I have created a new purchasing procedure as follows.

ZVATV : <b>Condition Schema</b>

VATV : <b>Condition Type</b>

VA : <b>Sch.Grp Vndr</b>

When I create the Purchase order, the above mentioned schema, ZVATV is automatically determined.

But when I create Contract, system throws an error message saying condition type VATV is not maintained in the schema RM0002.

I am very new to SAP, Kindly explain in very detail about this error message and ways to get rid of it.

If u have got any very detailed material about pricing kindly forward it to my mail id:

Thanks in advance.