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Former Member
Mar 26, 2007 at 07:15 AM

Require DocEntry Value for SalesOrder in a DraftMode



I have created a query for authorization on the Sales Order ‘Customer Ref No’ text box ie it should not be blank. If it is blank then is should go for approval to manager. Now if this textbox is blank and I click add it will ask for approval and if I go ahead for approval, then this Sales Order is saved as a draft document. I have similarly created THREE identical Sales Order for approvals.

Now I can see the same numbers eg 25 as Document Number on all these documents. And the records are saved in database in ODRF table with DocNum as 25 but the DocEntry is unique for all three Sales Order Documents.

How do I get the DocEntry while saving/adding the first document when it is saved in the draft mode?? How is this value stored on the document, Is this DocEntry a hidden field on Sales Order Form so that I can trap it. As far as I see this is the only unique key/value to trap a document.

Since I need this DocEntry for other programming reasons, Please help to find me the Solution. Thanks in advance for any replies.