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Mar 26, 2007 at 06:15 AM

unable to find the invoic number with compny code from where they populated



I am unable to find the invoice number with company code from where they picked up.

my requirement is as follows.

The IDOC Number, segment and invoice number with company code(c.c) are the examples of my requirement.

There are two numbers in the Segment data Zxyz_p01_314 segment :

129C -- ARE(c.c) number and 0004557392 is the invoic number

If ARE(c.c) number is found by the function module while uploading the IDOC into the SAP system, then the system understands that the IDOC is an Internal Invoice and uploads into the SAP system directly.

But if the ARE number is not found, then the system understands that the IDOC is an External Invoice and the IDOC number is stored in the one Database table(confidential) . Then an XML file is created for this IDOC and send to some consultants and they will upload this IDOC into the SAP system manually

The idoc 111111 is in one production sys.

please let us know for the segment Zxyz p01314 from where the data "129C0004557392" is picked up.

there ere two numbers 129c is the ARE number(c.c) and 0004557392 is the invoic number.

1] Importantly we would like to know the field from where 129C is picked up.

2] Also i would like to find if there are any checks are done at the time of picking the data.

Thanks and Regards

Ravi Kumar Billa.