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Table Function Performance Issue in SAP Hana Model

Hello Experts,

I am facing performance issue while using Table Function in Graphical calculation View before Table Function I have used Scripted Calculation view to achieve the requirement now, as per best practices I have planned to use Table function.

In case of Scripted calculation view system is taking less time then table function apart from this If I am using table function in graphical calculation view and passing where clause in data selection then it is taking longer time like in minute to juts retrieve 2000 records whereas in Scripted Calculation view it is taking fraction of seconds. I have used same code in scripted and table function not sure why this it is behaving like this?

Currently our Hana System is SPS10 and we are in process of SPS12 So, in this case which approach I should follow and please let me know why it is taking longer time if I am passing where clause in Graphical Calculation view where I have used table function.

your kind help will highly appreciated.



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  • You might want to explore the problem a bit more in detail yourself.

    What differences in the execution plan do you find with EXPLAIN PLAN for both scenarios?

    What differences can you find with PlanViz?

    On first read, I'd guess that the model in which you now use the table function does not have the 'Execute in SQL Engine' flag set. If so, I'd give it a go around with this setting.

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