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Cannot "post read master data" in process order

Jun 06, 2017 at 08:51 AM


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Hi team,

Got some Question regarding "Post read master data" process.

One of my user has create a process order with a material using "Standard Price S" setting. Usually, they used "Moving Average Price V". The process order has completed with GR, GI, CNF, TECO and settlement.

They has been given instruction to change from S to V. My instruction to them is #1 : Reverse settlement, #2 : Revoke TECO, #3 : Reverse confirmation, #4 : Reverse GR / GI , #5 : Request to change from S to V thru MDG.

The problem is, # 1 is not complete but #2 - #5 is done and #5 has cross over to new month. The process order is now cannot "Post read master data" and also cannot do backdated GR.

Please help.


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1 Answer

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Former Member Jun 14, 2017 at 08:02 AM

Hi Nasrul,

in this case, please explore on this :

1. Reverse settlement for the old order.

2. Allow backposting to previous period (MMRV) and post the GR accordingly. Check with Finance on this if this is still allowable.

3. Create a new order and post all the transaction postings including settlement for the new order.


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