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MM-WM Stock dedicated to specific users

Jun 06, 2017 at 08:25 AM


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I have a specific request regarding stocks.

The requirement is to have a stock that would be always available for specific users but can never be used by others.
The reason is that the stock is used for emergency response.
Do you please know what would be the best way to do that in MM/WM ?

Thanks for kind help

best regards

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7 Answers

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shailesh mishra Aug 10, 2017 at 09:25 AM

Hello experts,

The discussion is old but I believe there is one standard solution by which stock availability can be checked at IM and WM level. The idea is if the stock of IM is allocated to certain objects, say outbound delivery and during picking system should also check whether the sufficient stock is available for confirming picking orders or not. The idea is to use ''Availability Check'' to be employed at delivery Item category level+ at transfer order confirmation level in customizing 0VLP to be set as ''Blank''.

If you maintain a blank setting in the item category, then basically the system is running an availability check at both delivery and transfer order level.The system will check for the stocks at delivery level and at TO confirmation level. If the system finds available stock in IM at delivery processing, it will create delivery order. But if sufficient stock is not available at WM level, error will be triggered during TO confirmation level(LT12).

Best regards

Shailesh Mishra

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Thank you very much for the details, even if topic is old, we didn't find propoer solution yet, still an open point. I'm gonna check your proposal and let you know as soon as I have a detailed result.
As I'm working on other topic now, could still take couple of weeks before I give feedback.
In the mean time, thanks again for kind help !

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Former Member Jun 06, 2017 at 12:18 PM

Hello Morgan,

How about reservations ? You could pre-book these materials and then release them when they are consumed.

Service 1 would only see in their ATP view the remaining stock.

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Hello Quentin,

thank you for your proposal.
This is the idea I was thinking as being the best.
Our services use PM Orders and the service that have the emergency agree to do the same.
They creat a PM Task in a PM order and book the material for one operation in that PM order.
By default, the reservation is not "confirmed".
I did the following checks :

- perform a manual ATP Check in the PM order, result : the Available quantity is confirmed by the ATP and the reserved quantity is marked as "qauntity confirmed"

- withdraw the confirmed quantity for an other purpose : unfortunately, the systems allowed it.

MAybe my question now, to continue in that way would be :

- is there a way to customize the system so that it does not allow to withdraw the quantity that as been confirmed for another need ?

- if it is possible, what are the different cuztomizing to consider and is it possible to choose what kind of message system output aat each stage of an outbound process ? (like choosing between warning and error message when trying creating the outbound delivery for a quantity that is already confirmed for another reservation ) ?

Thank you for kind help

Best Regards

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I am sorry I missed the notification. Could you make it work?

Raghu Govindarajan Jun 07, 2017 at 06:55 PM

Another thought is project stock.

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Jürgen L
Jun 06, 2017 at 09:42 AM

SAP does not have such stock type, nothing belongs to a user, any material is the company.

You can issue it to a cost center then it is off your SAP inventory.

You can mark it with a label and a warning tape in your warehouse to make it visible to the people not to touch it.

You could also use minimum safety stock in your material master to make sure that you always have enough stock on hand.

You could block a quant in a storage bin for general usage. (the material is still visible as available in your MM and hence for MRP and ATP)

You can move your material to blocked stock to take it out of available stock. (the material is like out of spec and MRP run may create extra demand)

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Former Member Jun 06, 2017 at 10:03 AM

SAP standard no functionality as such.

If things are used as emergency response, it is recommended to not inventory it, as we inventory those which are used directly in the business.

If that's not the case for you & you are sure that your approach is correct based on business needs, then

1.I will assign that material in one material group let say "emergency" mat group

2. And create a authorization object with material group value "emergency"

3. Write a check code in MB_MIGO_BADI BAdI method before save or post that

If material belongs to "emergency " material group then check for user authorization if user has that check.

4 assign that authorization object to role and assign to required users.

Then you got what you need!


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sorry I didn't provide a feedback about that proposal earlier.
UNfortunately, it would not do because the services that plan and will use the material are different but the service that do the delivery creation, material picking and stock and post good issue ais the same.

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Also, what you propose, not to inventory same like having a black stokc to some extents is the current situation for some of those material.
Here we truy to get same back in stocks for legal issues.
PArt of those materials need some regular quality control to ensure they are ready to use when required.
Those, having them in stock allow system to propose quality checks and allow to keep trace of quality checks performed.
If they are not in stock, it is more difficult to proove what quality checks we did.

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Former Member Jun 06, 2017 at 11:44 AM

First of all, thanks to both of you for your quick answers.

I think those solutiosn does not match exactly the requirement.

When I talk about emergency response, I'm not talking about a pick of consumption on the normal usage of the material.
IN that case, both the minimum safety stock could do the job, so would the idea of authorization group.
BUt the situation is as follow.
We have 2 different service :

1) service 1 do installations and use material M1.
Sometime, there could be a pick of consumption of material M1 for service A, that's what or safety stock are used for

2) service 2 use also material M1 but they work only on request.

When they do have a request, they need material M1, even if there is a pick of consumption in service 1.
This is critical, they can not afford not having the material at that moment.

Saefty stock wouldn't do because whatever the level, we would always assume a level of risk.
Roles wouldn't neither, because service 1 should be allowed to access the material as weel, only part of if should be usable only by service 2.
What we need is more like a blocking reservation but without a pre defined usage, and the possibility only for members of service 2 to use that material.

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Former Member

Your answer exist in the problem:

When said service 2 can use M1 on request.

Service 1 mostly use M1 during installation.

If I understand correctly you want service 1 to use material always; but service 2 can only use when its available but not below safety stock.

Reservation do solve the problem, but it dont help you check safety stock for service 2.

Is this what you mean your problem is..?

Former Member

Not exactly.

Service 1 use material regularly, they can have pick of consumption and therefore use safetystock.
Service 2 need material less often, only on request for specific emergency response.

When they need, it is critical, and material need to be available to them 100%.

Amit Sharma Jul 03, 2017 at 09:24 AM


There is a way you can try by creating a new storage location and keeping that inventory in that storage location. You can restrict withdrawal of stock by authorizing storage location to specific users.

Or you can use a way already suggested by experts here



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