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Mar 24, 2007 at 11:21 AM

SAP DMS: Set signature strategy dynamically at status change


Hello everybody,

I want to manage SOP documents with the SAP DMS. So I customized one document type with different statuses in it.

At one specific status the document info record has to be signed electronically. But there can be a different number of signatures. In one case I only need one user to sign, in another case I need more than one user to sign the document info record. I dont want to customize different document types or statuses for that.

Since the signature strategy in standard SAP is not very flexible I am looking for a suitalbe solution.

My idea is to customize maybe 5 different signature strategies with each one having a different number of individual signatures in it.

At status change in a document info record I want to set the signature strategy dynamically depending of the number of users signing the document.

I have heard that there is a BAdI which can do that. Can anybody help me with that? I appreciate your answers.

Thanks in advance.