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Mar 23, 2007 at 07:38 PM

Single Sign on Issue


Hi All,

I have a single sign on scenario:


I have a portal that is running on J2EE server 1(NW04s: 7.0 SP 8)

I have a Business Layer (Provides webservices and consumes webservices from the ERP System) in J2EE server 2 (NW04s: 7.0 SP 8)

The ERP system running on a SAP Web Application Server. (ECC 5.0)

The process that I followed is as follows:

1. I have the Public key of my portal (J2EE 1) in the J2EE 2 system. The trust relationship is done between them

2. I have the public key of the J2EE 2 system in the ERP system and the trust relationship is built between them.

3. In the Visual admin of the J2EE 2 I create a destination to the ERP system and make use of the Logon ticket there.

4. In the EJBs I have a JNDI lookup and do the connection to the ERP system via JCO and execute the BAPIs.

The problem is that if I use Logon tickets it does not work and I end up in the RFC_LOGON_FAILURE exception that says that the name or password is incorrect. If I use the Assertion ticket in the Destination properties it works fine.

Has anyone faced a similar issue before and has a workaround other than using Assertion tickets?

I would appreciate if anyone could let me know what is going on?

Best regards,