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Mar 23, 2007 at 02:04 PM

SAP Course Manuals, scanning, op->digital txt conversion (and SAP KW)


I'm posting this in Coffee Corner because I don't know where else to post the question.

Say a student pays for an SAP technical course and takes the course manual home, with the solution code examples in it.

With current scanning and op->digital text conversion technology, the student can scan in the manual, run the result thru an op->digitial text conversion program, and wind-up with a completely machine readable copy of the entire manual.

So since this is the case, why shouldn't SAP say: OK, if you've paid for the course, then you can request a machine-readable copy of the manual for a nominal processing fee?

Related question - I was recently told if your site has Knowledge Warehouse, then you not only have all the SAP course manuals but also all the actual sample objects used in the course, even for complex objects such as workflows, which involve a lot more than actual code.

Is this true?

Does KW have the manuals on-line?

Does it also have the sample objects on-line (I'm not sure I see how SAP could do this,but then again, SAP can do anything, so maybe it's true.)