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Mar 23, 2007 at 01:59 PM

Porblem with Java Proxy EJB deploy to XI through NWDI


Situation - I have a web app in Server A (WAS7), it needs to call a java proxy in Server B (XI WAS7). I want to deploy the Java Proxy EJB into the landscape using NWDI. To do this I created an external library with public parts that contains the required jars to build the java proxies. These are aii_msg_runtime.jar, aii_proxy_xirt.jar, and aii_utilxi_misc.jar. The EJB module used part is mapped to the library's public parts. Everything builds fine and the deployment was successful into XI.

Problem - When my web application makes a remote call to the java proxy in XI, NoClassDefFoundError occurs. The first jar that it complain about was aii_util_cimaccess.jar. I included this jar into the library and redeployed. Called the java proxy again, and got another NoClassDefFoundError exception. Now it wanted the lrcclient.jar. I included that into the library and redeployed. Now it wanted another jar. The issue is that all these jars are in the XI server and I shouldn't have to add them as part of the library. Is there a SCA out there that contains these jars, or did I just forget to mark a checkbox somewhere when creating the EJB so that it would reference the XI jars without me adding them to the library?

Note - This architecture works fine without having to add the jars above, if I deploy the Java Proxy EJB from my workspace to XI through the SDM process available through NWDS. This only breaks when I deploy through NWDI.

Thank you in advance.