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Mar 23, 2007 at 01:57 PM

Problem updating a installed application



we have some developed some applications for the MI on ourself. Now we want to update some files of the deployed applications on the clients. I already read something about deploying add-ons with an install.xml file in it but I can't get it to work. When I deploy the add-on the MI is telling me that it is downloading the application (although I deployed it as a add-on). Afterwards its installing it. When I have a look at the trace file I can find the following lines:

[20070323 13:51:53:768] P [MI/Deployment ] Installation: Link sent from backend is 'http://XXXXXXXXXXXXX/me/pub/add-on/'

[20070323 13:51:53:768] P [MI/Deployment ] Installation: Retrieving application 'MTSACTVOUCHER_PL01' from ''

[20070323 13:51:53:768] D [MI/Deployment ] Install addon application into 'C:\Programme\SAP Mobile Infrastructure\addons\'

[20070323 13:51:53:768] D [MI/Deployment ] Destination file for download is C:\Programme\SAP Mobile Infrastructure\addons\

[20070323 13:51:53:768] P [MI/Sync ] Do not use http proxy (system properties update)

[20070323 13:51:53:768] D [MI/API/Services ] do httpGet from http://XXXXXXXXXXXXX/me/pub/add-on/ Result saved within C:\Programme\SAP Mobile Infrastructure\addons\

[20070323 13:51:53:768] D [MI/API/Services ] C:\Programme\SAP Mobile Infrastructure\proxyauth.txt does not exist, therefore no Proxy-Authorization is set.

[20070323 13:51:53:830] D [MI/API/Services ] Extract 'new_classes/com/ids/actvoucher/helper/ActivitiesSorter.class' from 'C:\Programme\SAP Mobile Infrastructure\addons\' to 'C:\Programme\SAP Mobile Infrastructure\addons\MTSACTVOUCHER_PL01\new_classes\com\ids\actvoucher\helper\ActivitiesSorter.class' ...

[20070323 13:51:53:830] D [MI/API/Services ] Extract 'new_version/version.txt' from 'C:\Programme\SAP Mobile Infrastructure\addons\' to 'C:\Programme\SAP Mobile Infrastructure\addons\MTSACTVOUCHER_PL01\new_version\version.txt' ...

[20070323 13:51:53:830] D [MI/API/Services ] Extract 'install.xml' from 'C:\Programme\SAP Mobile Infrastructure\addons\' to 'C:\Programme\SAP Mobile Infrastructure\addons\MTSACTVOUCHER_PL01\install.xml' ...

[20070323 13:51:53:830] P [MI/Deployment ] There is no external installer for AddOn MTSACTVOUCHER_PL01

This is my install.xml file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> 
<ARCHIVE name="MTSACTVOUCHER_PL01" description="Installer" uimode="full">
<PACKAGE name="MTSACTVOUCHER" description="New Jar file for application">
<TASK name="Delete old version file">
<DELETE targetfolder="%MI_HOME%/webapps/MTSACTVOUCHER" pattern="version.txt" mi_running="false" /> 
<TASK name="Add new files">
<COPY source="/new_classes/" pattern="**" target="%MI_HOME%/webapps/MTSACTVOUCHER/WEB-INF/classes" mi_running="false" /> 
<COPY source="/new_version/" pattern="version.txt" target="%MI_HOME%/webapps/MTSACTVOUCHER" mi_running="false" />