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Jun 05, 2017 at 07:40 PM

BWBW2HANA authorization generation : dump on program RS2HANA_AUTH_RUN


Hi to all, I'm going to prepare my first installation of SAP HANA 7.5 ADD ON builded in a AWS machine. I'm using with successufully the BW part. Unfortunally when I try to replicate the authorizations on hana schema to obtain sht analytics view with the program RS2HANA_AUTH_RUN i receive the following dump in ST22:

   ABAP programming error
Error analysis
    An attempt was made to insert an entry into table
    unique table key "PRIMARY_KEY" resulted in a duplicate entry howev
    question could be either the primary key or a secondary key.
    The key components of the duplicate entry have the values
     "D3BWSEARCH_CL_RSOS_DATA           " 16

Unfortunatelly there are very few documentation about this on the net.

If anyone have some experience of this dump or anyone were able to give me some indication is welcome?

Kind regards

Rino Sica