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Bug: Pasted images are not saved in questions/answers

Jun 05, 2017 at 06:50 PM


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I'm sure this used to work, but not anymore. Same issue as the previously resolved bug Unable to copy/paste pictures in the comment/answer with FireFox 50.0.

I can paste an image into the editor, but it is no longer saved.

Here is my pasted image:

But when I save, it is gone.

Here is my editor box of how the above looked before saving:

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Are you sure that this was ever fixed?

After re-reading the referenced discussion, my understanding is that the problem appeared first in Firefox 50+ and is yet unresolved.

It is still possible in Firefox ESR branch 45, which has end of life 13.06.2017, and it also works in Pale Moon 27.3.0 (which was forked earlier and now uses a different engine).

What browser/version are you using currently?


I can confirm that this issue with Firefox 50+ was never solved.

P.S. Please look at:


Ah, some of the comments on that thread seemed to indicate it did get resolved. The comments mixed with screenshots were a bit confusing, reading through carefully, I see it wasn't.

Anyhow, I am using Safari on MacOS. It really is a shame, as pasting an image is such a great timesaver compared to saving and uploading.


Sorry, I cannot test this OS/browser combination (Hackintosh is not my thing). Did you try with a different browser version (no idea whether portable apps are available at all), or resetting to defaults (I hope that at least this option is a possible via menus)?


Here we go on Firefox 53.0.3 (64-bit) on macOS. If you see an image below it works:

If you don't see an image above, it doesn't work.

zrgpa.png (14.2 kB)

OK, that worked, now same paste in Safari:

^^ Image above this line ^^



It does not work on Firefox 53.0.3 on Windows (32-bit version).

Out of curiosity - when you pasted the screenshot in the editor in Firefox - does it get converted to base64 or it shows a path to the file, e.g. /storage/temp/37514-hwnzo.png in developer tools?


Good question!

In Safari the image resource shows up as:

<img src="blob:">

In Firefox it's:

<img src="......<snip>.......BJRU5ErkJggg==" alt="">

So it works when the image data is inline, doesn't when it gets stored separately.


This is weird, in my Windows version of Firefox it does not work with base64, but in older versions it produces

<img data-mozilla-paste-image="0" src="/storage/temp/37515-jt5en.png" alt="">

which results in auto-attaching the image.

I noticed the following in the console:

Firefox 53.0.3, default settings (pasted image not saved):

Firefox ESR 45.9.0 (pasted image saved)

Pale Moon 27 (pasted image saved):

Of course, it is understandable why there is no authorizeAttachment in the first example, but I am just as puzzled now how it can be, that pasting an image works in Firefox for macOS and not in Windows.

In Manjaro I cannot even paste screenshots in Firefox, but I am using virtualbox with a slightly messed up VBoxGuestAdditions, so it could be just me...

ff53-console.jpg (35.9 kB)
pm27-console.jpg (107.4 kB)
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Hmmm, so based on my earlier successful test with Firefox, I launched it to post this question, so that I could just paste my image in.
However this time round the image disappeared when I submitted it, just as with Safari.

The only difference I am aware of is the size of the image. Looking at the pre-posting data, it is still an inline base64 object as with the successful example.

Amusingly, my second edit on that post resulted in exactly the same error message I was writing about :-)


I tried even with Nightly release - no joy, only the experimental Firefox Screenshot feature works, but it is next to useless.

I managed to get the pasted image preview in the latest FF release in Linux, but it also disappears upon submitting.

Drag&Drop a very small file (which also gets encoded in base64) also did not work.

The only alternative, that I can think of for macOS is TOR Browser:

At least in the windows version image pasting works, I suppose, that will work in a similar way in macOS.

bpdpn.png (59.3 kB)

I'm reading the comments and answers, and I'm trying to confirm what is being reported.

As Vadim noted, he has reported several issues related to pasting images. He shared the link. For easy reference, it's

The issues appear in rows 5 and 6, and my colleague Moshe Naveh gave an update in the comments.

Please let me know if this is a separate issue and I'm misunderstanding what's being reported here.

Best regards,



Excellent blog, I haven't seen that one. I must confess I'm not spending as much time going through those, mainly because the 'new' (can it still be called that?) platform is still far too tedious to work with compared to the old SCN. Searching has improved, but is still quite painful to use, so I am aware I might be posting issues that have been raised before.

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2 Answers

Vadim Kalinin Jun 07, 2017 at 08:00 AM

May be it's a good idea to summarize this issue:


Firefox 45x - working

Firefox 50+ - not working

IE - not working (32 bit)

Edge ?

Chrome - not working (32 bit)

Mac OS

Firefox 45x - possibly working?

Firefox 50+ - not working (latest tests)

Safari - not working

Chrome ?


Firefox 45x - working

Firefox 50+ - not working

Chrome ? (Chromium on Raspberry Pi - not working)

P.S. Updated using info provided by Veselina

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When summarizing, it might be useful to specify if this is 32 or 64-bit version - in some browsers there could be differences.

Windows, 32-bit browser versions:
Google Chrome portable 58.0.3029.110 - cannot paste images at all.
IE 11.0.9600.18449 - image visible in preview, but not saved after submit.

Manjaro Linux, 32-bit versions:
Firefox 50+ - pasted images displayed, but not saved.
TOR (based on ESR 45 branch): working


I will update the summary


Shouldn't SAP be fixing the issue instead of us having to draw up lists?? :-(

It's reasonably obvious that the bug is not with the browser, and I have not seen this issue on any other sites with this feature that I've used, e.g. Atlassian's Jira and Confluence work flawlessly.

For the list: MacOS Firefox sometimes working.


"For the list: MacOS Firefox sometimes working." - can you perform some clear test to remove "sometimes" :)

P.S. I have posted this issue in November but still no reaction...


I have a suspicion...

This image will be saved:

^^ image above this line ^^

And this one won't:

^^ image above this line ^^

9f2pe.png (21.6 kB)

And what is the difference?


You were too quick, that was my test and I'm still in process of posting the conclusion. Image 1 was copied using Mac OS builtin screen capture and the second using Snagit. In the pre-posting source they both appear to be posted the same way though:

Edit: This time round it wouldn't save using the previously working method... Grrr!


Image copied from OSX:

Image copied from Snagit

And the web inspector's view:

Edit: And this time it saved nothing. I give up.

Here's the web inspector view for what it's worth:

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Hi, Vadim:

By no you mean it hasn't been resolved? Or it hasn't been acknowledged?

As you noted in the comments, this the same issue that appeared among your list at -- specially items #5 and #6. If so, Moshe responded there.

If we're talking about something else, please let me know.



Yes, I mean it hasn't been resolved during more than 6 months! I have spend a lot of time saving pictures to the local folder then uploading into the answer editor. In order to provide meaningful answers we need illustrations :)

And I have to repeat - I don't have issues with picture paste on any other sites!

Moshe Naveh
Jun 11, 2017 at 05:31 AM

Hi Vadim,

According to our new bug reporting process, can you please copy the information you've shared in this thread and send an email to our support team:

Going forward this is how we will handle bug reports to ensure optimal time zone coverage and follow-up. And I apologize for the extra step.

Thank you,


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Hello Moshe, a week ago you responded to Vadim's finding in his blog, with the following:

5. Bug tickets were created and we will update you once we have news from our technical team(FYI- These bugs will be subject to prioritization and I’m not sure how wide is their effect comparing to other high profile bugs)
6. Same as 5

Does this new process mean, that a responsible forum member should go through his/her submitted bug reports with tag using and resend them to the support e-mail address?

If yes - what is the maximum period that we need to go back, when reviewing our bug submissions, and how do we avoid duplicates, when sending the e-mails? One possible option could be - we create a question (as we do now) and update it later with ticket number, result of investigation and ETA from the support team.

My understanding was, that Jerry is also working on consolidating the feedback (including issues), as stated in his blog What’s the Big Idea? (An Update About Idea Place). How does this fit into the new concept?

I am merely asking for an opinion what would be the most efficient approach.


Hi Veselina,

I apologize for overlooking the fact that it was already reported. Whatever was already reported no need to capture and send to the support team again. Just new bugs. The focus should be forward looking.