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Mar 23, 2007 at 08:46 AM



I have doubt this :

Company is a orgnizational unit this is located in U.S.A. this business area in different location. thier products in computer games, and toys,etc. for example thier company codes in Texases, newyork, dollas, newjersy, shicago, in their company codes,. for this we can create company codes,But here we create the company codes, on what basis we create the company codes.what is the fuction of the each compnay codes activities, for( Eg:- one for the payment recived, one for the payments, one for the rawmaterial recive, one for the material issues, and one for the relation between compnay and company code). So any how plz just clarrify this. main is the what nature of the we are create company codes. plz tell me. (it is not right question) just give clarrification what basis we are create company codes. in different areas.

plz just clarrify this