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Restore in transit quantity issued with a Outbound delivery

Hello to all !

I have this scenario:

I did a STO to send 100 qty from plant A to B. I did VL10B, created the Outbound delivery, did the picking with qty 100 and posted GI. At this point 100 units are in transit in plant B, thats fine. NOW, in plant B they receive only 90, so there are still 10 units of this material in transit. Logistic guys from Plant B will not do any ajustment because the receive only 90, the problem is from our plant (A).

I saw in diferent posts some posibilities like to do in plant B a 101 of 90 units, then 103 of 10 units, and finally an STO again to original plant but they dont want to do that because the did not receive 100.... another option is to do a movement 557 but this one does not update any pur doc so that means that my STO will be open.

My question is, how should I handle this? remember we issue it with an outbound delivery.

Jurgen? (I read many posts before writing this :)!!



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    Jun 05, 2017 at 04:14 PM

    I don't know what you exactly read where (especially the thing with a 103 movement) but I am very sure that I answered this already many times myself.

    Some scenarios are just black and white, there is nothing gray. Your people have to talk BEFORE they create facts. You have to decide whether you receive 100 or if you reverse the goods issue. There is nothing in between, nothing can be left in transit as it is untrue. 557/558 movements are not meant for that. and 103 neither.

    If they got only 90 then it has to be clarified in that very moment by taking the phone, and eventually even by doing a physical count in the sending plant to be sure about the situation. The truck driver should know if he got ambushed while he was on the road. And if that has not happened then the goods have not been send.

    But receiving 90 makes it pretty hard for the sending plant to reverse the goods issue and to create a delivery with 90. And sometimes it is even too late for corrections, e.g. invoice already posted and paid, periods already closed...

    Make your decision.

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    • Excelent as always Jürgen, I am totally agree with you... here in Argentina this things are really a headache, there are many "lost" materials in transit and nobody wants to take responsability. In this exact scenario the guys from plant A said that they sent 100 and the guys from B said that they receive only 90.

      I will talk to the manager.

      Thanks you very much.