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Mar 23, 2007 at 04:53 AM

how to use selection routine in the info package data selection.


Hi All,

in the info package under data seelction page, every field that is used to selection data can use the ABAP routine to restrict data selection when you upload data.

I want to use the method to exclude one MRP controller for data selection, but it does not work.

the code as follow:

program conversion_routine.

  • Type pools used by conversion program

type-pools: rsarc, rsarr, rssm.

tables: rssdlrange.

  • Global code used by conversion rules

$$ begin of global - insert your declaration only below this line -

  • TABLES: ...

  • DATA: ...

$$ end of global - insert your declaration only before this line -

  • -------------------------------------------------------------------

  • InfoObject = YATCLTKT

  • Fieldname = /BIC/YATCLTKT

  • data type = CHAR

  • length = 000007

  • convexit = ALPHA

  • -------------------------------------------------------------------

form compute_/BIC/YATCLTKT

tables l_t_range structure rssdlrange

changing p_subrc like sy-subrc.

  • Insert source code to current selection field

$$ begin of routine - insert your code only below this line -

data: l_idx like sy-tabix.

read table l_t_range with key

fieldname = '/BIC/YATCLTKT'.

l_idx = sy-tabix.

move 'E' to l_t_range -sign.

move 'EQ' to l_t_range-option.

move 'xto' to l_t_range -low.


modify l_t_range index l_idx.

p_subrc = 0.

$$ end of routine - insert your code only before this line -


when I execute this info page, the system prompt the following information:

For sel. field ''/BIC/YATCLTKT'', no selection with SIGN = 'E'; OPTION 'EQ' allowed

and no data upload.

has anyboday ever used this method for data seelction?

please help!