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SAPUI5 Accessing JS files in other apps

Hello Guys

Something tell's me this is an easy one but somehow I just can't get it working.

So I have a JS file in app 1 and would like to call is using app 2.

], function (Object) {
	"use strict";    
   	return Object.extend("ehsLibraryAppId.utilities.LoggedOnUser", {	   
   		getLoggedOnUser : function (oEvent) {
   			return("It works");

I've tried calling it in the Component of app2 like this:

// register EHSLibrary
			jQuery.sap.registerModulePath("ehslibrary.utilities", "../zehslibrary/utilities");						

var getUser = new ehslibrary.utilities.LoggedOnUser();
var myuser = getUser.getLoggedOnUser(oEvent);

I'm expecting console to write "It works" . . . . It doesn't work . . . .

Any ideas please?



app1.jpg (42.6 kB)
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1 Answer

  • Jun 05, 2017 at 04:26 PM

    first check the network tab to see if it tries to load the requested js.

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    • Hi Jun

      Thanks I checked and it is loading the file correctly.

      The error I'm getting is:

      "UIComponent.js:6 Uncaught ReferenceError: ehslibrary is not defined"