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Mar 22, 2007 at 12:09 PM

Problem with document list in planning


Hi, I really need some help here!

The short story is that I need to hide some of the documents in a list created using the "How to Display all comments for a planning package". The documents that I want to hide are all those without planned value.

My scenario is that I load inventory data to a planning cube. I then have a planning layout that allows the user to add comments to the rows (each row has "stock" and "stock value" for combinatins of "batch", "plant" and "storage location" plus some other characteristics). Additionally, the user can select one row and use reposting functions to add a "person responsible" and add or change "status" information. In the bottom of the planning application I have included a list of all the comments.

Every night an analysis process updates the values, keeping the "responsible" and "status" that was assigned through the planning application. So eventually the stock for a given combination of batch/plant/storage location will reach zero, at which point the entry and it's comment loses relevance. This is where I run into the problem: In the plannig layout the zero values are hidden, but in the list of comments I will never be able to get rid of these obsolete entries!

I have tried to add a characteristic "relevant for reporting" to the cube and make a function to reassign documents to another value for this characteristic using the "How to documents in SEM-BPS and BW-BPS", but this causes other problems:

First, I can't make the copy function work (I have read that it needs a keyfigure in the document assignment which I don't have).

Second, I still have a problem selecting the documents that the function should work with.

I it possible to make a modified version of the z_BPS_comments application to read the value (sum) of the stock keyfigure for each combination in the planning level and only list the documents with stock>0? How?

Best regards


P.S.: Of course I will assign points for any helpful answer!