Possibility to have an FM impact in MIGO movement type 103 and "Delivery Completed" Indicator SET

Jun 05, 2017 at 08:04 AM


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Hi everyone,

Our client would like a standard solution to have an adjustment in Funds Management impact on the PO when:

- the GR in movement type 103 for a quantity inferior compared to the PO is done


-After, they put "Delivery Completed" on the PO.


PO: quantity of 10

GR: quantity of 6 with movement type 103 and "Delivery Completed" Indicator SET in the PO after the GR is saved

Impact FM: 51 / 0500 on the PO with the difference

Does someone know if there's a standard solution about this ?

Thank you.

Best regards.


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3 Answers

Jürgen L
Jun 05, 2017 at 08:30 AM

what is FM, function module or funds management or something else? Don't use abbreviations if they are not explainable from the context or from the chosen tag.

GR blocked stock is not even your stock, it becomes your stock with a 105 movement. So you should not try to get functionality into 103 which is usually given with a 105. If you want it early then use 101 instead of the 2 step process.

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Sorry, FM corresponds to Funds Management.

I updated my question because I think it wasn't enough clear. Thanks for noticing.

They want to keep the 2 steps process.

I agree with you and we told them this exact answer but they say that it's at the moment of the 103 movement that they know if the delivery is complete or not. So, in consequence, they put the tic "Delivery completed" in the PO. But the impact on the PO in funds management is a 0500 51 with the total amount of the PO.

They want that impact on the difference between the 103 movement and the original amount of the PO.



Eli Klovski
Jun 06, 2017 at 11:34 AM


What update profile do you use in FM?

What is the current situation with FMIOI table, when you perform aforementioned actions?



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Sorry for the late answer.

Our update profile is the 00352.

The current situation is that the 103 movement has no impact in FM.

After, when they they put "Delivery Completed" on the PO, it free the whole amount of the PO (0500) because there's no 0200 on it.

Thank you.



000352? It's some new update profile delivered recently, right?

I don't know what it does exactly, but I believe '103' doesn't produce any impact on PO in FM tables. Eventually, you can influence on it in LEINSF08 include, but it would be non-standard.

Ozcan Sekercan Jul 09, 2017 at 01:20 AM

Instead of using 103 and 105 movement types, you can try to use 107 and 109 movement types which is 2 steps Goods Receipt again but you own the stock just after the first step(107)

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