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Mar 22, 2007 at 07:53 AM

Unicode - Transfer structure with packed fields (type p, x) into c-field


I have following problem:

data: c_field(1000) type c.

tables: mara.

select * from mara......

Move mara to c-field. --> without Unicode no problem, with Unicode: error.

Methods cl_abap_container_utilities=>fill_container_c is moving mara into c_field without error, but in c_field all packed fields are marked as "#####" in debugging. When I use read_container_c into mara, all packed fields are correct again. So I can use these methods WITHIN a program. But when I (for example) want to write a record to a dataset and in the record ist a c_field, the next program, that works with this dataset receives the packed fields in c_field with "#####" when it doesn't use the read_container_c.

Do you know another method to store a structure in a container-field (c_field) in unicode?