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Duplicate (unneccesary) posting after using F-44

Jun 04, 2017 at 09:12 PM


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after using F-44 for clearing items for $990, I noticed something strange I have saw data in FBLN transaction for that vendor, and that was duplicate (unnecessary posting) 2x (two times) in amount of $990.

This only happens in 2% of cases.. and I am not sure:

- what SAP FI logic is used in these cases, and

- is/where is it possible to make changes regarding this issue?

Any help is appreciated and many thanks in advance .

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Also, when the posting is done, it is resulting in the open item being cleared. But then vendor GL account is again being debited and credited for $990.


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1 Answer

Shinas Hamsa Jun 11, 2017 at 11:25 AM


When we Do F-44, System Created a Clearing Document. This is why you can see two More Line item along With the Normal Vendor Dr. and Cr. Line item.

When you do transaction like F-53, Which is Post with Clearing, The payment Document act as Clearing Document, hence will not create additional Clearing Document.

if you could Provide posting details, like'

Invoice Cr. $990,

payment Dr. $900, ,for example, we can have a detailed analysis.



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Hi Shinas,

thank you for explanation, I think I understand it better now.

I will do my best to send you example, as you requested..

However, I still don't understand logic behind F-44 transaction. When I do clearing for 100 items in F-44, for 99 of them everything is fine, but on that 1 (one) system creates *two more lines*? Why? What is a main trigger for this behaviour?




Check the profit Center, Segment or Business area of the document..

if you have a Zero balancing based on any one of the above Scenario, then system creates new line item for the mentioned Scenario.