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Jun 04, 2017 at 08:06 PM


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Dear All,

I developed a functional module in which I am using the functionality of FAGLB03 sap standard report of getting G/L balance, I am facing a strange behavior in the standard FM FAGL_AB_BALANCES_DISPLAY which is a part of my FM ,when I run FM on small set of data like 100 line item it works fine but when it goes to '590' OR above line item or iteration it giving me a dump of CNTL error ALV_GUI_GRID----------CP ALV_GUI_GRID----------CM024 " SET_REGISTERED EVENTS_INTERNAL.

kindly help me as I already tried no of posts on SCN but i failed to solve this issue which is very weird.

Please help as I have already been suffered a lot due this problem

Attached is the short dump which i am facing kindly help.



dump.png (22.4 kB)
capture1.png (18.7 kB)
capture3.png (24.1 kB)
capture4.png (29.2 kB)
dump3.txt (465.0 kB)
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Better attach the complete short dump text file, zipped.

Anyway, run SET_TABLE_FOR_FIRST_DISPLAY with I_CONSISTENCY_CHECK = 'X', is there any message?

Could you tell us which parameters you pass to the ALV constructor?

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Hi Sandra,

Thanks for commenting,

I attached a file AS dump3.txt. kindly review it . as I mentioned this Program runs fine over 550 iteration but when it comes to 591 it gives dump, I debug the program it gives Dump in standard routine related to ALV display in gird. your help required.

Thanks. You are saying "550 iteration", do you mean the program calls the alv grid constructor several times? Or do you mean 550 lines to be displayed?
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Dear Sandra

Yes actually! we are using the FM in which we are using the Fagalb03 functionality to get the G/L balances profit center wise. we have requirement to get a G/L balances report profit center wise. when i run this report on 500 profit center it works fine, but when on 600 it gives me dump on 590 iteration/ profit center. so this FM calls on every profit center.

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Sandra Rossi Jun 05, 2017 at 12:17 PM

If you call the ALV grid constructor more than 500 times without any issue, and it fails only very late, so I guess it's a problem with resources.

Maybe there are too many events registered at frontend side.

Did you make sure the resources are freed correctly after each call? (call method alvgrid->free? - or could you explain how all the stuff is done)

If needed, you may activate a frontend trace (cf SAP notes how to do it) to see how the events are registered/unregistered, but it might become laborious.

PS: sorry, I don't know FAGALB03. Anyway, the issue is about how you use the ALV grid, and you'll probably get more audience if you can resume your issue to only the ALV grid part.

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Former Member Jun 05, 2017 at 08:36 PM

Solved the issue, actually I clear and create it again on every call, when I created the grid it starts with alv_grid(134/---) then i free it it becomes alv_grid(O-intial) then on my next call when i created it becomes randomly alv_grid(250-) and so on, it eventually ended with dump. so i restricted the alv_gird from recreation, and only create once, and issue is resolved now. by putting the condition ( IF alv_grid is intial ( creat alv_grid) endif.

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