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Mar 21, 2007 at 05:44 PM

Workflow Notifier in Portal - Has anyone tried this?


Hi all,

I'm in mid-search but thought I'd post quickly also. Not sure if this is something SAP has provided or if someone has tried this.

We're thinking over the idea of a <u><b>workflow notifier</b></u>. Basically a simple iView that would interface to the backend system/workflows and provide a simple visual cue to alert an individual to the presence of workflow items that need attention and possibly the number that need attention. A click on that item would take them to a Universal Work List.

If something has been done we'd live to hear about it. If not, hopefully someone could get me pointed in the right direction, as far as how you'd approach this, pointers to documentation, etc.

Thanks all,

Doug Steckel