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DM Package with SELECTINPUT PROMPT with more than one dimension

Jun 02, 2017 at 11:08 PM


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Hi, guys... I need your knowledge as I'm out of ideas...

I have a DM Package where I had all the dimensions I needed on a single screen with the standard SELECTINPUT Prompt and later the the respective TASK line, wich works just fine (except that it ends with failed status in DM Log, but does the logic correctly anyway... I'll ask fot that in another thread)


The thing is, for user convenience, we are trying to split the selection in 3 screens as some selections work as a destination member and the others work as a filter to data to run an allocation, and I'm having a real hard time to pass all the parameters/variables to make it work. Currently we have the following advanced logic:


Given that I have a few questions...

  1. When I use more than one SELECT Prompt, do I lose the ability to use the standard "SELECTION" task?
  2. How can I use multiple SELECT prompts where one of them has more than one dimension in it?
  3. Any other idea? :(

Thank you all for your help...

Vadim, if you are around, your comments would be surely appreciated!!!

Best regards,


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Vadim Kalinin Jun 03, 2017 at 07:57 AM

Nothing wrong with advanced script. Multiple dimensions will be passed using %SELECTION% variable and SELECTION TASK resulting in %xxx_SET% variables. SELECTION TASK can be only one. Additional SELECTINPUT will be passed using memberselection resulting in $xxx$ variables.

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You were right. I made it work... it was an error on script logic side. Sorry for it! Now I have two more questions:

  1. Is there a way to use mulitple dimensions on a SELECTINPUT prompt? How do I fill the MEMBERSELECTION task with it? I've seen a lot of examples but in all of them only one dimension is used at a time.
  2. When executing the DM Package with multiple prompts, on the last screen where all the selections are listed just before pressing the "Finish" button, it only shows the selection of the last prompt. Is there a way to show all the selections made?

Best regards,



1. "only one dimension is used at a time" - correct, only one dimension to be used for MEMBERSELECTION

2. "Is there a way to show all the selections made?" - no way!

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Vadim Kalinin

Thank you!

Best regards,