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Getting dump call to messaging system failed: in RFC

Jun 02, 2017 at 04:45 PM


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Hi All,

I have a requirement RFC to JDBC asyncronous scenario.

we are getting the dump in Ecc side while push the data to PI system

ECC Side:

RFC throws a dump saying 'call to messaging system failed: '

Though there is a dump, the data is getting successfully passed to PI system.

I have checked RFC destinations and Program Id's in both sides working fine.

PI side:

In PI side the data is coming but getting the error in PI "Could not determine mapping steps for message"

We have developed the RFC to JDBC asynchronous scenario but in message log in message monitoring that is showing synchronous and Quality of service is Best effort. for your reference screen shot attached below.

This means what. Please any body help me on this. And how to resolve this issue


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2 Answers

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Vadim Klimov Jun 02, 2017 at 05:42 PM


From info you provided, it looks like ECC system sends synchronous RFC calls - and since they are converted to messages with QoS = Best Effort on PI side, the expectation for the scenario would be that respective response flow (including response message mapping) is in place. Hence, in ECC system, check how the RFC call is implemented: ensure that corresponding CALL FUNCTION statement (that triggers the call to PI) goes with addition IN BACKGROUND TASK. If IN BACKGROUND TASK is omitted, the RFC sender will attempt to issue a synchronous RFC call (equals to synchronous mode on PI side) - in contrast, usage of IN BACKGROUND TASK in CALL FUNCTION statement will make RFC sender to issue transactional RFC call (equals to asynchronous mode on PI side).



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Thank you Vadim,

I have asked ABAP persons, TRFC call they have used in program. And one more they did not maintain Exceptions in FM.


Hi Ramu!

Vadim is absolutely right. Also check that your inbound interface is set to asynchronous mode as well.

Regards, Evgeniy.


I agree with Vadim. The error message indicates that request to JDBC was processed successfully in PI and is failing in response mapping as JDBC did not send response.

Ensure that the RFC is asynchronous. You can stop the RFC sender communication channel and trigger the FM from ECC. Then it'll get struck in tRFC(SM58) of ECC if it's an Asynchronous call. Also, make sure your inbound service interface(for JDBC) has processing mode Asynchronous in ESR and operation mapping does not have a response tab.


Iñaki Vila Jun 05, 2017 at 07:00 AM

Hi Ramu,

Are you sure that you service interfaces are async?

Also you should follow Vadim recommendation about IN BACKGROUND TASK clause in your ABAP code (

On the other hand, i recommend to use sender ABAP proxy instead of RFC.


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Former Member

Hi Vila,

yes, The service interface is Asyc only.

> i recommend to use sender ABAP proxy instead of RFC

Its already developed by someone. So I came for supporting only. This error getting in PI QA.