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performance tunning in Hana calculation view

Dear All,

I have created information model(Calculation view) in my HANA appliance over a multiple tables. We are on HANA 1.0 SP12. Now my calculation view is taking 58 seconds to execute. Over this Calculation view, I have a dashboard running and hence users are complaining on the delay. So I need to fine tune my calculation view. I need to know the sequence of the nodes called within the calculation view and need to know how much time each node consumes also performance improvement suggestions.

I see that we have 4 options to fine tune it.

1. Switch to "Performance analysis mode" - Where it shows the tables and if the partitions needed for the tables involved. It is not much help for me.

I have no document or i have no knowledge/purpose of the other 3 options "Run performance validations for this view", "Debug this view","Visualize view in planviz editor".

Can you please suggest on how these options needs to be used to fine tune my calculation views.

Note : I have gone through this document on the best practices

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1 Answer

  • Jun 02, 2017 at 05:49 PM

    Hi Lakshminarasimhan,

    Since you have already gone through Shivaji's blog, I will not talk about filter push-down etc. The Plan visualizer is a powerful tool. But it requires a lot of effort to piece together the information that it gives to form a clear picture of whats happening with the model. There are multiple blogs on how to use the plan visualizer.

    If you have not used it before, I suggest you construct a simple test model and study the plav-viz by making different joins and filter conditions. Pay attention to the information displayed when you hover over a node. It should contain details of the columns selected, index used etc. Once you have a fair idea, you can run your actual model and check what tables are accessed and which join takes the largest time etc.

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