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Mar 20, 2007 at 03:12 PM

Strategy for SSO connections using .NET Connector


We are using EP6 as our authentication mechanism.

I want my ASP.NET app to utilize SSO via the MYSAPSSO2 ticket I obtain from the portal.

This ASP.NET program will be called from outside the portal enironment.

The challenge I face is exactly how to provide this ticket to the connector.

One solution has been to create an iview in the portal that points to my application. Then, in the web pages that are outside the portal, I create a link to the iview. When the link to the iview is made, it redirect to the portal login page which authenticates the user and the iview then redirects to my ASP.NET.

From there I can pass the ticket to the connector and gains access to all the resource I need.

This strategy seems a little clumsy and I am wondering and I am wondering if someone can suggest a better way ... one that <b>doesn't</b> invole an iview.