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Difference between SAP ABAP IN ECLIPSE and Eclipse tools from SAP DEVELOPMENT TOOLS site

Jun 02, 2017 at 02:21 PM


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I want to use eclipse for the ABAP development.

I read this documentation and there is described that I need to download two different tools from two differen sites.

The first tools are from

The second tools should be downloaded from the SAP Support Site... According to documentation, I need both but for the moment I just have the first (freely accessible) tools and its working fine...

What are the difference of these two packages? Why should I install the two packages for eclipse?



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Could you please include the excerpt of the documentation your are talking about? I don't see "second tools", I didn't find anything related to downloading something from "SAP Support". Are you talking about EMF? (then see Mike Pokraka's answer)


I'm pretty sure he meant 6.3.1:

1. Download ADT from SMP (aka OSS, aka SAP Support),
2. Download EMF from Eclipse


Thanks, but not 6.3.1, it's chapter 6.1.3 Installation Steps... Excerpt :

  1. Downloading the ABAP Development Tools package from the (SAP Service Marketplace)
  2. Installing additional Eclipse features that are required for running ABAP Development Tools
    (EMF - Eclipse Modeling Framework)
    - a. Launch the Eclipse platform or Studio (see prerequisites above) that is installed on your local drive.
    - b. Choose the menu HelpInstall New Software… to start the installation wizard.
    - c. In the Work with field of the wizard, specify the update site from which you downloaded the Eclipse installation package.
    - d. For convenient selection, uncheck the Group items by category field on the wizard page.

As explained in bold, the "update site" mentioned is not the "SAP support site"; but the one from which Eclipse (not ADT) was downloaded.

I just added a comment for requesting clarification, because what Tobias saw is really not what I saw in the document.


Yes that was the section I meant, sorry got the number mixed up.

1. Sap Service Marketplace = SMP = OSS = SAP Support site

2. Eclipse update site, as EMF is not a SAP tool. This should already be pre-populated in the sources dropdown.

3. (not in the guide): can be used instead of 1.

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1 Answer

Mike Pokraka Jun 02, 2017 at 10:12 PM

I never downloaded anything from SAP support.

It looks like what the doc points you to is a local installation of the ADT tools - i.e. a local copy of what's at, because it doesn't mention the address anywhere in the doc. So you should be fine just installing everything online.

The other part - EMF - is an Eclipse component not developed or maintained by SAP. The Eclipse Modeling Framework provides some of the graphical components that are used by ADT. If the packages are correctly set up, I think it should install that automatically if you install ADT over the net.

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