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Difference between inspection type task list usage and inspection plan usage

Hello guys,

I am wondering about the difference between assigning task list usage at inspection type level in config and assigning usage at inspection plan level (master data). Most of the cases it would be the same usage but what happens when it has a different value. Let's say if I assign task list usage as 3 in inspection type and 1 in inspection plan..which one would inherit to inspection lot. I believe task list usage in inspection plan will overwrite and inherit to the lot and not from inspection type. Is this correct ?

If yes, then we could just simply leave it as blank at inspection type level right ?

Please clarify.


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3 Answers

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    Jun 02, 2017 at 02:19 PM

    You miss the point of assigning the plan usage in config to the inspection type.

    By assigning the usage, this allows the system to automatically assign an inspection plan to the lot and release it.

    The system does not take a plan assignment and overwrite anything. That isn't how it works.

    You CAN leave the task list usage blank in config if you want. If you do that, you must edit EVERY inspection lot of that inspection type using QA02 and manually enter in the task list type to use. It doesn't matter how many plans you have assigned to the material or what usage becasue the system won't even begin to look for a plan until you assign a task list usage in the inspection lot.

    By setting a default task list usage in config, the system can look for plan of that usage, for the material to be inspected. If it finds none, or finds more than one assignment to the same task list usage, the inspection lot will remain in CRTD state until you fix the problem. You fix the problem by manually selecting the plan to use (when there are more than one), or you create or assign a plan to the material with the proper task list usage. There are some business scenario's where the business intentionally assigns more than one plan and their SOP is for someone to select one of the available plans.

    This might happen if for instance you sell the same material into two different industries. You want maybe some of your batches to be insepcted with more extensive testing so it can be sold to an industry with maybe more extensive testing requirements.


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    Jun 02, 2017 at 01:22 PM

    Inspection Type: What kind of inspection you are going to perform.

    example :

    10 is at delivery.

    08 is at material movement

    89 for manual creation.

    04 production

    03 in process production

    Inspection Usage: How many different Inspection plans you want to create for each phase of material.

    Each inspection type is assigned an inspection usage..

    You can have multiple inspection type using the same inspection usage. But you can not have multiple inspection usage in one inspection type.


    1. if you are selling xyz chemical to customer ; & you want to inspect its chemical composition; your inspection characteristics dont change at each inspection then its advised to have one inspection usage for multiple inspection type.

    2. if you are selling same xyz chemical to customer; but at delivery you want to inspect what customer mentioned you to inspect, but its not necessary you will inspect the same characteristics during its production, then 04 and 10 will have different inspection usage.

    Simple terms:

    Inspection type: When to inspect

    Inspection Usage: what to inspect



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    Jun 05, 2017 at 05:06 AM

    Thank you guys...I got it now.

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