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Mar 20, 2007 at 06:07 AM

NCO 2.0 in VS 2005 : Data binding of return SAPtable to GridView



I'm new to NCO and .Net. I followed the example to try the RFC 'RFC_GET_CUSTOMER' in VS2003. With the SAP proxy controls under toolbox, I found data binding was easy.

Then I tried to do the same example in VS2005 after porting the proxies in VS2003 to VS2005 (ie. the workaround solution)

In VS2005, there is no SAP tools available and it seem that we need to do a lot of coding, am I right?

In my VS2005 project, I can make a connect to SAP and get the customer records back. But I dont know how to bind the data to the Gridview on Webpage?

Below is my code, do I need to do a loop to populate the result from custTable to

the GridView?


Dim custTable As BRFCKNA1Table = New BRFCKNA1Table

myProxy.Rfc_Customer_Get("", Me.TextBox1.Text, custTable)



Would anyone please help?

Regards, Kathy