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Jun 02, 2017 at 10:00 AM

DTP load time for write optimized DSO


Hello Folks,

I have one write optimized DSO and which is being load from 6 different PSA (ECC Sources).

Before Process chain start we have deletion step which delete request from PSA and WO DSO.

We have 2 set of 3 DTPs in parallel.

DTP1(Source 1) DTP2(Source 2) DTP3(Source 3)

DTP4(Source 4) DTP5(Source 5) DTP6(Source 6)

Initially this DTP loads (From PSA to WO DSO) were hardly taking 30 secs, gradually after few months its increase to 4-5 mins in case of only few records loaded.

This chain runs half hourly (48 times a day).

Any help, how I can reduce the run time, maybe I require to delete some request related technical tables. I read many posts ad documents on SDN but those are mostly related to standard DSO and DSO which contains many requests.

Please help.


Divyesh Khambhati