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Definition "Component Category" - UN GHS -Regulatory Conten Documentation

Jun 02, 2017 at 09:09 AM


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Hello everybody,

I have a question according the definition "Component category". Can somebody explain me the term „Component category“?

I found this term in der Document "GHS_V5-1 - GHS Version 5.1 – Functional Description" (Regulatory Content - August 2016) on page 17:

But I have no clue what the component category is. Is it similar to the "Component Type"? Where can I maintain it? In the CG02 "Substance Workbench"?

Thanks for your advice.



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2 Answers

Christoph Bergemann Jul 16, 2017 at 12:02 PM

Dear Melanie

I assume the term tries to "mix" something.

1:) one part is the component type

2.) second part. for composition you might use e.g. "PURE_SUB" / "LIST_SUB" etc.

Normally neither the "component type" nor the spec type is relevant for using a rule set.

Not a very good term.


PS: For composition: you can use as well "Exeption value". Up to know: I do not know "good" uses of this values as part of composition. To my knowledge: Exception value is not used in a "Rule set"

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Mark Pfister
Jul 17, 2017 at 09:53 AM

Hello Melanie,

The component type is a value that you can enter in the "Composition Tab" to specify what "role" a certain component plays in your composition. This is meant by the term component category.

The following values are possible:

ACT_AGENT Active ingredient ADDITIVE Additive ADJUVANT Auxiliary agent CATALYST Catalyst CONFIDENT Confidental component EMULSIFIER Emulsifier IMPURITY Impurity INGREDIENT Ingredient INHIBITOR Inhibitor INTADDED Intentionally Added INTERLAC Surface-active agent MONOMERE Monomer PRESERV Preservative PRODUCT Product SOLVENT Solvent STABILIZER Stabilizer TRIGGER Starter ZPH_API Active Pharmaceutical ingredient

Some rule sets do not take certain component categories into account - or you can customize them to do so. Apparently the GHS rule set does not care.

Kind Regards


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