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Mar 19, 2007 at 05:29 PM

Unable to activate InfoSource ...


I have created an InfoObejct for an R/3 field GJAHR (Fiscal Year - lenght 13). I get this warning, because of which it doesn't get activated:

ConvExits for assigned InfoObjects inconsistent: ' ' (ZFISCGUI) - GJAHR(ZFISCGUI)

Message no. RSAR367


The InfoObject of the communication structure has the conversion exit "'. This InfoObject was assigned a field of the transfer structure as a transfer rule. However, conversion exit GJAHR belongs to this field. Problems and errors could occur later if the conversion exits differ.


To prevent later problems, select a field with its correctly assigned conversion exit.

When loading from an R/3 system, you can ignore this message if the transfer structure field has a conversion exit and the InfoObject assigned in the transfer rules has no conversion exit.

Kindly assist in fixing this problem.