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How come there exits an excise invoice accounting document without excise invoice generation?

Jun 02, 2017 at 06:15 AM


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User created SO - Delivery - Invoice (with auto excise invoice creation). But there are few invoices, where in there are no excise invoices were created.
What is surprising me is, I can see the accounting document for uncreated excise invoice in VF02 (referring billing doc number). But when I try to display this created excise invoice number in J1IIN, I get a message: Document not found. Excise posting not done or document is archived. Message no. 8I301

When I try to create excise invoice for the same billing doc in J1IIN, system allows me to create excise invoice.

Therefore the above error (Msg no. 8I301) and system allows to create invoice CLEARLY indicates that excise invoice is not created at all. Then how come I can see excise invoice accounting doc in VF02/03?

There are 2 accounting documents in VF02 flow, one is invoice accounting document and the other is excise invoice accounting doc, below is the entry for excise:

Central ED Paid 59,562.00 Dr
CED - Basic Payable 59,562.00- Cr

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Please go through this SCN Tag List


Hi Lakshmipathi,

Noted. I am sorry for this. Just correct me if I am wrong in selecting the below tag going forward for all CIN related queries:
Internationalization and Unicode
SD Billing | excise invoice

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mmak . Jun 05, 2017 at 04:52 AM

Could I get any update on this please?
Matter is most urgent!

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Please check to see table J_1IEXCHDR with your billing document number. I think there should be an entry with it. Also make sure you key in year and series group correctly.