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Mar 19, 2007 at 09:00 AM

Retreive a parameter in an Application Integrator iview for use in portal


Hi all gurus!

A (perhaps) more tricky question this time: Can you retreive data from the external system in an AppINt (Application Integrator) iview?

This is our case:

We have an AppInt iview connected to an external index server.

The user ID is sent as an parameter to this server and a search result is presented (works like a charm).

We have several iviews showing our R3 system through transaction iviews.

Now for the tricky part. We want this to happen when we click a link at the external server in the AppInt iview:

-Two parameters shall be retreived from the external server which it posts.

-An application iview should be opened and which one should be determined by one of the retreived parameters.

-The second parameter should be sent to the transaction iview so that you don't have to copy/paste it.

The last thing is of course simple to achive, we already send parameters to the transaction iviews, but it's the first two things of retreiving parameters and opening up a certain iview that is concerning me.

Can this be done?

Best regards

Benny Lange

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