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Jun 02, 2017 at 03:40 AM

Regarding BAdI /scwm/ex_core_pts_nbin_nrm for Multiple WT putaway into same destination bin


Hi All,

I am pretty new to EWM. In our manufacturing plant, we have designed the putaway for manufacturing Semi-FGs into one common storage bin.

If the semi-FG has no need quality inspection, it will go to the bin using PPF action directly. If semi-FG needs quality inspection, it will use the quality usage decision follow-up action to create WT and putaway into same bin.

We found sometimes when there are 2 usage decisions made at the same time, system normally locks the bin then 2nd UD didn't create the WT successfully. One of the suggestion is to implement the BAdI and set the EV_Abort = X. We have implemented but somehow system still tried to find next available bin thus it is always failed because we only have search strategy to put into this storage type and there is only one storage bin in this storage type.

Do you have better way to resolve this issue? or I have create 1 or more bins in this storage type in case of described situation happens again which is not ideal way to resolve this.

Thanks all.