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Personas 3 SP4 - Delete Transported Flavors

We are having a problem to delete flavors from DB that were previously transported using the formal transport system (Not the import/export functionality).

If the flavor was not previously assigned to a transport request, then we are allowed to delete it and then do the ‘delete from DB’ option. Also, if the flavor is just exported/imported into another system we are able to delete it and then ‘delete from DB’ (ORIG_SYST_CHECK_OFF check in /PERSONAS/STTNGS was modified to allow this). Nevertheless, if the transport assigned to the flavor was released, the following message appears again.


After that we add the following flavor to a new transport and try to ‘delete from DB’ again but the same message pops up.

The reason to remove this from the DB is to be able to delete images or resources that are tied to this flavor and are not used anymore.

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  • Former Member

    I've been having this exact problem but am unable to come up with a solution. Originally I planned to use the transport mechanism for the development process but soon discovered various issues that cause this to be too cumbersome to maintain. I would like to remove all Personas related transport references from my QAS/PRD instances but cannot figure out how to do so. I've tried deleting the flavors and then creating a transport. The transport is successful but the error message persists.

    This is preventing me from using the much simpler 'Import' option that I would prefer to use. Any hints or assistance would be appreciated.

    Dennis Sledge

  • The only time when you should use export / import to move objects when there is no way to use the regular transport system. This could be the case for example when the systems are not on the defined transport route, or you received a flavor from external sources and so on. Using the transport system ensures consistency across the landscape, and that objects are modified only in their originating system (i.e. DEV).

    Deleting flavors in the target system requires that in the originating system, you are including the flavor in a transport request FIRST. Then once that's done, you delete the flavor in the original system, release the transport and send it across the landscape. This will remove the same flavor in the target systems.

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2 Answers

  • Jun 01, 2017 at 09:08 PM

    Try releasing the transport request before deleting them from DB.

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    • Is there anyway to skip this validation?

      Here some facts:

      • -The flavor is already deleted and added to a transport – Not released
      • -With the transport not released I try to delete from DB but the message will pop up
      • -Releasing the transport and then trying to delete from DB won’t work either.
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    Former Member
    Jun 06, 2017 at 02:55 PM

    Hi Julius,

    It sounds as a bug. Please open an incident and ask for assigning it to me.

    Thanks and

    Best regards,

    Dominik Ofenloch

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    • Hi Dominik

      We opened a ticket but the Consulting Company suggested to upgrade to SP5 before openning an incident(We already went from SP3 to SP4 and it still did not solve it) .... even after we updated it to SP5 we still had the problem... so I did this after the update to SP5:

      - I tried to delete this Old flavor I had with many ressources and added it to a transport

      - I tried to delete from DB(This didn't work, same message pops up)

      - I created a few new flavors

      - added them to an open transport

      - Deleted the flavors that I previously created

      - Deleted those new flavors from DB (This worked)

      - Deleted from DB the flavor that I could not (Finally Worked)

      It does seem like a bug but for some reason it is gone now.