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Mar 19, 2007 at 12:23 AM

What type of internal table should I use based from my scenario...


Hello Experts,

I am currently having a dillema here because I am trying to optimize a certain

part of a report where in the internal table contains around 300,000 lines of

records. The original internal table is of type standard table. So what the original

programmer did was to delete certain records in a given condition then sort it

by fields 1 and 2 in ascending order. Now, it then loops through that internal table

but gives run time error because it exceeded the limit in our prod server which is only 10 mins.

Now what I did was to try modifying the internal table to make it of type sorted. This is to eliminate

the sort statement. I dont know if what I am doing is right. Help would be greatly appreciated and

rewarded. Thanks a lot guys and take care!