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Jun 01, 2017 at 07:27 PM

Fiori Custom Workflow PO Approval Reject Error - Action execution failed

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We are trying to use our Custom Workflow to implement PO Approval in Fiori. We do not plan to use the Inbox in Fiori yet.

We followed the instructions to add the Workflow task for PO Release in SPRO. We implemented logic to execute Work Items in BAdI GBAPP_APV_PO_RDP Change_Set_Decision. We added logic when IV_DECISION is '0002' for REJECTED. We have a custom popup to capture the rejection text. This is where it is failing with an error "Work item is reserved for a different agent".

We tried to follow the instructions to get our custom workflow to work. We do utilize _WI_OBJECT_ID in our custom workflow and it is in our task for PO Release Decision.

We coded the different Task IDs in the BAdI for CHANGE_SET_DECISION but would prefer not to hardcode the Tasks.

In OSS 1958954 - it recommends to implement background workflow steps for update a purchase order after approval and for setting a corresponding release code. It also recommends the approval text should be available in the background step. Our tasks for approval do not specify background. How can we set up the background workflow steps?

The workflow will work now for multiple approvals for 1 Purchase Order as indicated in the release strategy. But the workflow does not work when we reject.

We would appreciate any suggestions to get our custom workflow to work in Fiori. Thank so much!