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Jun 01, 2017 at 04:44 PM

Learning Analytics, how to implement


I'm in the Business Intelligence Department (BI 4.2, all WebI), but practically speaking we're the Reporting Department, your basic operational type of reports - lists, lists, and more lists.

I'm at an institution of higher learning, and a new project has come up for the Math Department. They want to know relationships between courses, grades, etc.


- if someone gets a D in Calc I, what's the likelihood of graduation? with various permutations, like taking Calc I again
- what's the likelihood of someone getting a D in Calc I, getting a D or F in Calc II
- for placing incoming students in Pre-Calc or Calc I, what are the factors that indicate success? such as Verbal SAT

So I think I've targeted the right discipline (Analytics), but not sure where to take this projec

Any thoughts on where I could take this with simply WebI? Or maybe Crystal or some other BI tool?.