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Jun 01, 2017 at 03:44 PM

PO Price in IDOC


Hi Team,

As per our client landscape, we have 2 SAP systems. Purchase orders will be created in 1 SAP system (say Local) and then an IDOC (PORDCR1) with the PO details will be sent from Local SAP to another SAP system (say Global). Based on this IDOC, a PO (replica of the PO in Local system) will be created in Global system. Now, the issue is that the price in the Global PO is not getting picked from the IDOC and it is picked up from the previous Purchase order (reference maintained in the Global Purchase info record). Is there any option with which we can make the system to create the Global PO with the price in the IDOC and not from the previous PO in Global PIR. Please help.