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Mar 17, 2007 at 12:40 AM

Partner determination: AFS specific


I would really appreciate your help in the following scenario:

I am working in ECC5.0/AFS5.0

One of the requirements in the apparel industry is to maintain the customer store in the customer master. The customer store is represented through a unique partner function in AFS called JM (MSO mark for store). This partner function is used for cross-docking. The goods are sent to the customer's distribution center, and then the customer is sending them to their stores. We need to have the mark for for labeling the cartoons at the distribution center and also becuase the customer submits their orders EDI with their store number.

Here is how I am proposing to set up partners.

Sold-to will have ship-to, bill-to and payer - Multiple ship-tos assigned to a sold-to

Ship-to will have the mark-for store partner - Multiple mark-for assigned to a ship-to

When the customer sends the order EDI there are two scenarios that can happen:

1- Customer sends ship-to and mark-for. Based on the ship-to we can identify the sold-to partner

2- Customer only sends the mark-for number. Assumes that we maintain the ship-to in our master records

My question is: Can I determine the sold-to based on the mark-for associated with the ship-to? Or another way to ask the question: Can I determine the ship-to based on the mark-for provided by the customer and therefore determine the sold-to based on the ship-to?

I hope I provided a clear explanation.