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Mar 16, 2007 at 05:58 PM

exit stop and flow of events plzz look into it frnds...


Hi Guys & Gals,

My program.

report zdemo.

write 'this is start of program'.


write ' i m in initialization'.


write ' i m in startof selection'.


write ' i m in top of page'.


write 'i m in end of page'.


write ' i m in end of selection'.

My observations and doubts.

1) why when we give "stop" or "exit" after the report zdemo statement the report gets activated but it doesnt give any output.

2) why when i m giving stop after the initialization declaration control is not going inside i mean no other events triggers. why?

3) when i giving "stop" after the top-of-page declaration then the o/p is blank why?

4)when i giving "exit" only in start-of-selection event then why both write statement of start-of-selection and end-of-selection is not triggering.

5) But when i m giving "stop" in start-of-selection except the write statement of start-of-selection all write statements are getting triggered.

6) when i am giving "stop" after first write statement in the program then why write statement in start-of-selection is not getting triggered.

Frnds if anyone having free time plzz suggest in regarding this.

" i aassure u all that i will definitely assign points "

thanking u all.