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Mar 16, 2007 at 05:23 PM

OK SAP WDJ Developers, it's time to "stand and deliver"


In the thread that developed under this blog post:


<a href="/people/david.halitsky/blog/2007/03/16/workflow-delegation-badi-selection-and-wdj-polymorphism-its-deja-vu-all-over-again </a>


Craig indicated that SDN would be OK with a Wiki page called something like:


"A Hitchhiker's Guide to Different SAP Internals That Do the Same Thing"

As noted in the above thread, my first topic for this Wiki section will be controller binding in WD and container binding in WF, but what I really want to do is a cross-reference guide between WDA and WDJ.

Of course, I could do this right now except that Armin Reichert posted to me a while ago that the WDJ equivalent of the WDA component "WDR_TEST_UI_ELEMENTS" is proprietary and not for dissemination to those not employed by SAP.

So how about it, Armin?

Gimme the WDJ equivalent of WDR_TEST_UI_ELEMENTS so I can xref WDA/WDJ exhaustively.

Extra added benefit: I will be so busy working on the xref for the wiki that I will stop bothering folks with other blog and forum posts for a long long time ...