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Mar 16, 2007 at 02:56 PM

Problem with Connection from WEB AS-ABAP 6.4 to SLD on Java 7.0 Standalone



I'm trying to configure a Java Development PC with its own SAP Java stack. To make it fully functional I want it to communicate with a 6.4 ABAP Server as its backend.

Therefore I'm running an SLD on the Java PC and have succesfully added my Java Stack to its landscape. I've read that a standalone Java Server running an SLD needs a SAP gateway to be able to cummunicate with an ABAP Server. So I installed a (NUC) SAP gateway and configured my SLD with its port (3305) as gateway. When checking in the management console both my Java server and my SAP Gateway are running as seperate clusters and are green.

Now for the problem:

After configuring RZ70 the ABAP server is still not able to reach the server configured under SLD_NUC after checking it with SM59. As far as I can see the hostname and gateway (sapgw05) are correct.

The error message I get after a test with SM59 ask if I installed a SAP gateway.

did I forget anything or do I need to add/change some parameters?