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Mar 16, 2007 at 01:23 PM

Portal gives message "SSO not activated on server"


Hi all gurus!

My struggeling with SSO continues. I found a checklist here at SDN which should be used in posting questions concerning SSO so here it is:

1. you are using fully qualified domain names in the system landscape definition and when accessing the portal;

"sto-sap-abd-01.kf.local" is used both as logon and in system landscape.

2. your certificate hasn't expired;

It will expire in 2008.

3. your backend RZ10 settings are correct (login/accept_sso2_ticket);

"login/accept_sso2_ticket" is set to "1".

"login/create_sso2_ticket" is set to "0".

4. you have uploaded the certificate to the backend system (STRUSTSSO2);


5. there is an entry in the ACL table (TWPSSO2ACL) in the backend client you are connecting to;

Yepp again!

6. you have the same username in the portal and backend OR you have set up user mapping.

We have a Central User Administration where Solution Manager is the central system and R3 a child and the portal uses Solution Manager as datasource for logon so the names should be the same. At least in my opinion... 😉

Well, in the system connection to R3, SAP Logon Ticket is chosen as "Logon Method" and "Authentication Ticket Type". I assume I don't have to do anyting in the portal server since it, due to documentation, issues logon tickets as default. So everything should be OK but when I open the iviews using R3, I get the message "SSO logon not possible; logon tickets not activated on the server".

This is my problem, I have done everything according to documents but it still gives me this result.

Best regards

Benny Lange